What if one day you woke up to find out the world is no longer the same? Imagine the only way to survive is to go to sleep. To the lucky ones it was a short nap, but to the outside world two decades have gone by.  The metaverse state of cryogenics has allowed the sleepers to continue their lives as normal as far as they know. They are able to talk, feel, hear, and touch in this metaverse, known as Outrider.  Outrider becomes their reality, until one day they awake to realize their true reality is awaiting them. The world is overgrown with plant life, and empty of the human race. The Only human lives are the zombie-like creatures that survived Wombat but damaged their brains, bodies and souls.



Wombat has taken over the world, and all you can do is stand by and wait…Beware of Wombat!! Liar Liar! Did you survive? Are you awake….

The team


Bail Bondsman


2 Legit 2 Quit

Big Boy Brenny

G Gap Specialist 


Meat Generator


20 years after Wombat-66 destroyed the human race, the survivors escape in cryogenic sleep, alive in a virtual universe. Now they will wake.

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wombat 66

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Episode 1

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